Sunroom Additions

“I am thrilled with the way my sunroom came out! I had such wasted space outside on an old concrete slab that no one wanted to use, so MCG helped transform that it into a brand new family space that we all love. “

-Jessica T.

Budget Friendly, Quality Sunrooms

All of our sunrooms are built to order. No box kits or pre-fabricated structures. We build based on your requirements and our construction is meant to endure. Quality materials are a must for both the interior and exterior of our sunrooms. You're going to love the finished product.

Elegance Added To Your Home

Our ultimate goal is to find a blend of room size and budget that works for you. Quality is never sacrificed in that process and our ultimate goal is your overall satisfaction. Because we don't cut corners or use lesser materials, we may not be the least expensive sunroom contractor, but we know how to provide luxury that's affordable.

Sunroom Experts With The Reviews To Prove It

As one of the premier sunroom contractors in Chester County, our clients have some wonderful things to say about us, our custom craftsmanship, and the cozy, comfortable sunrooms we deliver. The best decision you can make is to contact us today so we can discuss the ideas you have for expanding your home.

A Proven Sunroom Addition Process

Our extensive portfolio of three season sunrooms and four season sunrooms along with our design process can help our prospective clients visualize what they can expect for their project. Match that up with our proven process for construction and we can guarantee to that your sunroom project will be on time and in scope of your budget each and every time.

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4 season sunroom in the evening outside of Chester County, PA

Chester County's Sunroom Pros

Giving Your Home Added Space and Comfort

MCG Contracting is located in West Chester, PA and one of our main specialties is building three season sunrooms and four season sunrooms.  We have extensive experience building on both pre-existing foundations such as patio slabs as well as breaking ground and adding to outdoor spaces that have not yet been permitted for construction. We personalize all of our sunroom additions for each client, and it is accompanied by a guarantee that’ll give you reassurance on the quality of work and at a price that we have agreed will work for you. We can work within each of our client’s budgets by adjusting the size of the sunroom addition and whether it is conditioned as a four season sunroom with heating and cooling or just a three season sunroom that would be used for most of the year without HVAC setup. In terms of design, we pair up our clients with one of our professional designers who will step you through each phase from architecture to lighting to finishing touches. Contact us today to find out more about our approach to custom sunrooms.


“I am so impressed by MCG! They built the most beautiful sunroom for us. Not only is their work top quality, but their attention to their customers is top notch. Until now, I could never find a contractor that would set a timeline and not just match it, but beat it. They stayed on budget and made sure I felt a part of the process the entire way. I am just so happy with everything.”

-Rob C.

A Sunroom Addition As Easy As 1-2-3

Like other areas of renovation and remodeling we offer, our sunroom addition process is centered around our clients and making sure they have awareness and transparency through the entire process. Starting with the architectural design, all the way to the finishing the exterior work, and finalizing flooring and colors for the interior, we put a guarantee on our process that you will know where your project stands at all times and you’ll know what to expect from a cost standpoint.

Consultation Stage

Sunroom Pricing

The process for a new three season sunroom, four season sunroom or patio enclosure starts by contacting MCG. Call us at 610-960-0122  or fill out our online form so we can discuss your initial project ideas and your goals for your home. Once we have a sense for what you want, we will give you a FREE, no hassle estimate.  Depending on the type of sunroom you are interested in adding, MCG will step you through the required work such as foundations or township/code related items, as well as heating and air conditioning, all the way to finishes such as lighting and hardware for windows and doors. Once complete, you will have a full understanding of what to expect when the final pricing is presented to you prior to signing a contract. Once you are comfortable with scope and budget, we will collect a first payment so that we an order materials to get the project started and we can move onto the design phase and start to finalize project details.

Finalize & Start Date Stage

Premier Sunroom Design

Again, depending on your selection, whether it be a patio enclosure, three season sunroom or four season sunroom, your sunroom design process can range from straight forward to complex.  It all really depends on your home and your requirements. For homes with an existing foundation for an addition, the process may be easier, whereas, if we need to include excavating and a new foundation, the process may be a bit more complex as we may need to be involved an engineer. Regardless, our design team is there to help and guide you through the process. Once you have settled on the type of sunroom you would like, we will cover the numerous components and options you have for windows, HVAC, flooring and more. Our designers have a long track record of success and have worked in many of the townships throughout Chester County and the surrounding areas. They’ll visit your home, review the site, and can provide expertise and see potential issues that other companies may not be able to point out prior to starting the project.  Once your design is finalized, we will obtain all township approvals, permits and any other necessary approval so we can move to the construction phase of the project.

Work Stage

Quality Sunroom Construction

The last step in our sunroom addition process will be the stage you start to see things take shape. Because you are working with MCG Contracting for your addition, you can take solace knowing that your project will adhere to our agreed upon timeline and you won’t have to worry about any complications popping up along the way. An addition to your home, regardless how large or small it may be classified, can be complicated and we see, far too many times, sunroom addition contractors that fail to properly plan and the project timeline suffers as a result. With MCG, you are going to have the upfront knowledge to know what to expect from start to finish and you know your project will be in budget and completed on time.

When it comes to construction, we only use the highest quality materials to ensure it’s not only structurally sound, but carries a luxurious finish as well. All our sunroom addition contractors focus on efficiency and keeping interruptions to your daily life to a minimum as your project is completed. Once they are finished, the sunroom will be prepped and cleaned for your review, final payment collected and the space will be yours to enjoy for years to come with your family and friends.

Furnished four season sunroom

Chester County Sunroom Addition Ideas and Services

MCG Contracting offers a various number of sunroom types.  From patio enclosures to three season sunrooms and even four season sunrooms, our expertise cannot be matched. The following sections detail our sunroom addition types. To find our more about how MCG can help you or for more info on our services, give us a call to start the process and get your FREE consultation.

Three Season Sunrooms

Three season sunrooms are enclosed additions which are generally composed mostly of windows from the floor to the ceiling along with a door or two for entry to the exterior and interior of the home. Referred to as three seasons sunrooms, because they are generally not established with any heat or air conditioning dedicated to the space, meaning they are mostly usable for spring, summer and fall seasons.  Three of the four seasons! Clients will often enclose an existing covered patio or porch to control bugs and allow the room to be finished with carpet and higher end finishes. Depending on the size, opening doors to the interior of the home can often help regulate humidity and temperature for most of the year.

modern 4 season room

Four Season Sunrooms

Similar to a three season room, the four season room is an enclosed addition to the home, however, the space is built to be insulated and designed to be tied into HVAC systems so that it can be cooled and heated year round based on the season. A four season sunroom is still mostly made of windows to provide vast, open views to the outside, but some space may need to be dedicated to running ductwork in walls, floors or ceilings.  These types of sunroom additions truly add to the footprint of the home and can be better integrated, potentially even as a fully open space connected back to the interior requiring no door between the home and four season room.

Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures tend to be the easiest and most cost effective type of sunroom addition. Most often, patio enclosures are built on top of existing patio foundations (hence the name patio enclosures) which will connect an existing overhead roof or add a roofing structure over the space. Lead time tends to be less as the structure requires less architectural design and permits tend to be easier to approve within most townships as long as the existing foundation is deemed adequate. Foundations can be an assortment of materials, including brick, concrete, pavers and more. Patio enclosures may or may not be screened in, leaving the choice to the home owner whether they wish to keep out bugs, dirt and other items or if they want to leave the space open allowing access to the outside from all directions of the enclosure.

Chester County Sunroom Addition Pros

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