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Home Remodeling Services

Whether you are remodeling your home, adding on or building from the ground up, renovation is about discovering what your home could be, and letting us put in the effort to make it come true. Home remodeling is a process, and at MCG Contracting, we understand the ins and outs, the give and take that comes with updating a home. We understand these are your dreams coming true and your hard earned money being spent, so we take the process seriously from start to finish. As the Philadelphia area’s premier home remodeling contractor, we pride ourselves on our custom design and solutions, but in the end, our execution is what truly pays off. We settle for nothing less than a quality product that is built to impress and made to last.
MCG Contracting was founded in 2009 as a renovation and new construction company that could serve as a provider of all phases of construction and home remodeling throughout the Philadelphia area and South Jersey. From the design to the finished product, our goal is to put the work on us, and make the process easy on you. We work to respect the original home’s spirit, but add the touches and changes you have envisioned. Our owners are highly involved and interact with every client. This is our way of ensuring quality work that satisfies our clients time and again.
Our home remodeling services include, but are not limited to:

Kitchen Design and Remodeling

You have heard it before, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” Well, it’s true. Weather it be large holiday gatherings, parties with friends and family or a casual Saturday night at home, the kitchen is the focal point of any home. And when it comes to remodeling, it is also the room that needs the most help in a home renovation project. Often times, homeowners cannot see the full potential for their kitchen renovation, failing to understand alternative designs and layouts. This is where our expert team can provide priceless value as our architects and designers will layout your new kitchen, optimizing the space while maintaining the efficiency of the busiest room in the house. Whether your kitchen was built decades ago as part of an outdated home design or your looking to create a brand new kitchen space, MCG Contracting has worked with hundreds of clients throughout the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area to transform their kitchen space to something that can only be described as amazing. Doesn’t the heart of your home deserve the best update it could possibly have?

Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Most clients do not come to us asking to replace an already spectacular bathroom. They come to us looking to replace undersized, dysfunctional and outdated spaces. The layout may be less than ideal, the bathroom is outdated, poor plumbing design has limited the flow of the space and the room feels small and dark. At MCG Contracting, we design and build every aspect of a bathroom, from updating finishes and plumbing fixtures to full-scale renovations, expansion and additions. You do not need to settle for a cramped, dark space that merely has new faucets and tile. Let us help you design your dream bathroom, then step aside as we do all the work to bring it to life.

A bathroom remodel can be key to increasing the functionality of your home and as well as the value of your home. By updating the areas that get the most use, we can infuse new life into a home. We create bathrooms that are luxurious and serene, and overflowing with personal touches and style.

Exterior Renovation and Hardscape Design

MCG Contracting understands that a house has two components, an interior and exterior. Focusing solely on the inside renovations can leave a house lacking curb appeal and let’s be honest, the outside of your home is the part that everyone sees. We believe an exterior renovation can be a huge facelift on an aging home or one that just simply lacks finishing touches. From painting to updated hardscape and landscaping to a complete architectural change, we focus our exterior remodeling on clean lines and updated looks to give your home that pop that we all so desperately want. Who doesn’t want to be the best looking house on the block?

Outdoor Living with Decks and Patios

Nowadays, people want to extend their living space. This extension does not need to be solely on the interior of the home. While we experience four seasons in this part of the country, we also understand that people want to live inside and outside. Many of the projects undertaken by MCG Contracting create an interior connection to the outdoors by creating comfortable outdoor spaces for our clients to enjoy, cook, dine and entertain. Whether it be patios, decks, covered structures or pergola, we partner with talented and experienced pool and landscaping designers to complete the ultimate outdoor environment. We help our clients maximize their property value and potential by creating unique and custom outdoor spaces our clients love.