Home Additions

“MCG recently finished an addition to our home with a master suite above our garage. My neighbors had used them and they came highly recommended and they certainly lived up to expectations!”

-Carl C.

Quality and Budget Friendly Home Additions

Our home additions are designed to customer spec and engineered to meet all township code standards. On our projects, we use only the best materials for both structural and finished aspects of the job. We refuse to sacrifice quality. The results will have your falling in love with the newest part of your home.

Delivering Luxury And Value

We believe each project we deliver needs to project luxury, but we also know that budgets are a reality, so our ultimate goal is delivering luxury at a reasonable cost. We work to match your scope to the budget you set and then delivery only the best finishes to ensure the final product is simply stunning.

Top Rated Customer Reviews

Our customers speak volumes about our work, which is why we so proudly share their reviews throughout this page. But we are also so proud of the quality of our finishes and our wonderful craftsmanship. We simply know that selecting MCG will leave you very happy when you see what we can deliver for you. Don't take our word for it, our past clients say it best!

A Custom Home Addition Allows You To Get More From Your Home

Homeowners are trending toward updating their existing home versus purchasing a new one. Adding to an existing home not only gives it a new personality, but it adds value to the home’s sale price while improving its livability.

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Chester County's Addition Contractor

Let us build a space that is customized for your lifestyle.

MCG Contracting really prides itself on the work that we do, and nothing allows us to show that more than a custom home addition. Located in West Chester, we serve greater Chester County and the surrounding areas. We personalize all our home addition projects for every one of our clients and our work is accompanied by a guarantee that will help reassure you that the finished product will meet your high expectations. We manage your home addition process from the initial consultation through engineering and architecture, township permit and variance processes, and finally the construction phase that brings your dream to reality. We are Chester County’s leading home addition contractors.  Give us a call today!


“We have had a truly exceptional experience with MCG to date. We have finished the design process and permits are approved and we are looking forward to getting started with construction. MCG has been very thorough and communicated extremely well. They have provided great advice along the way and were able to help capture just what we wanted. It’s been an easy process so far and we really do appreciate all they have done. We really can’t recommend them enough!”

-Isaac H.

Breaking Down Our Custom Home Additions Process

Our remodeling and renovation processes are built with our clients and their needs in mind. We have worked to make it an efficient process that keeps our clients informed as the project progresses. Starting with the design phase through to the completion of construction, we ensure you that our process is transparent and that costs will be discussed up front and not fluctuate as the process proceeds. Our goal is to make certain our clients know where their project stands and what they are going to pay to realize their home addition dream.

Consultation Stage

Home Addition Pricing

The process has to start with you deciding the time is right.  Whether it be adding onto your home or building it up, the time is now to reach out to us! Call us at 610-960-0122 and we can begin the conversation with your thoughts and ideas and ultimate goals for your home addition. At that time, we can provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote. We will make sure that we have walked through all the various aspects from design, structure, electrical, plumbing and finishes to be certain you have no surprises when the final pricing is provided to you. Once you are satisfied with our proposal, we will ask for an initial deposit to get materials ordered, permits in place and any other things in line to get the project started.

Finalize & Start Date Stage

Ultimate Spaces Customized For Your Lifestyle

Your home should feel to you like, well home. It should feel like a retreat for you and your family and a place where you want to spend the majority of your time. Your home should be attractive, serve a function and be a reflection of who you are. 

Depending on the type of addition you are looking to complete, your design process could really be as simple or complex as you would like. If you’re looking to expand your home on the existing structure, then the process can be a bit more straight forward versus breaking ground on a new structure that expands your home outward. Either way, it’s imperative to hire a home remodeling contractor that understands your project and your need for that extra space. 

Regardless the type of space you are looking to add, our design team will meet with you to review specifications, renderings and architectural aspects of the project. They’ll help you decide what is possible from a structural standpoint and what is affordable for you given your budget. Our designers and consultants have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. They understand how important (and expensive) a project like this can be for a homeowner, so they have your best interests in mind at all times.  

As they finish their designs and you give your approval, we can select a start date and get things moving to the final stage – construction.

Work Stage

Home Additions That Are Delivered on Schedule

The last stage of our process is the one in which your home addition starts to take shape. As you work with MCG day in and day out over the course of your project, you will pick up the reassurance that we really have considered all aspects and potential issues in the earlier stages of our process.  We conform to our project schedule consistently on each and every project. There is a number of times we have taken over projects mid-stream because other home addition contractors either missed their dates badly or they failed to take into account all the components associated with the project. When you contract with MCG, you will clearly know what you are getting, no matter the project.  We commit to being on schedule and in budget on each and every project because we set realistic expectations and timeframes.

In terms of the quality of your home addition project, we never sacrifice on the quality of the build and only use premium materials so that we can achieve the best looking finished project possible for our clients. All our home addition contractors are committed to constructing your custom home addition in a means that is not only efficient, but also considerate of our clients, especially when we know that they are living through the renovation in most cases. We keep the job site clean and safe each and every day and ensure your house is weather proofed. As we complete the job, we will clean and prepare the space for a final walkthrough and, once signed off, collect any outstanding payments. As we leave, we take great pride and accomplishment seeing the satisfied look on the faces of our clients as they experience the newest part of their homes for the first time.

Our Home Addition Services

MCG is capable of delivering a variety of home renovation and remodeling services for our clients. From kitchens and bathroom remodels and additions to home expansions to newly constructed, custom homes, MCG is capable of handling any and all requests our clients may have. Located in West Chester, PA, we have easy access to the greater Philadelphia area as well as northern Delaware and New Jersey. The following sections highlight some of the services we offer for home additions. As you have more questions or wish to learn more, merely give us a call or fill our our online form for a FREE, in-home consultation.

Home Restructuring

Home restructuring can add valuable additional square footage to your existing home. This may include the expansion of a portion of your home, a second story addition or even a stand alone structure such as a pool house or detached garage. This type of work can involve bringing down walls to combine rooms or create an open concept floor plan, taking space from one room to give to another room to enlarge it, or adding additional space and storage through an addition upward or outward expansion. You will work with our design team to determine your wants and needs for the new or modified space. We will compile a new floor plan design that will include your requirements and present it to you so that you can visually see the new space before a final commitment. Home restructuring is an option often chosen by families that are growing, either by adding children or as children age and require more space. These clients love their existing home, but need or want more space or a better concept to fit their family and our commitment is to help them achieve that dream and turn it into their forever house.

Room Additions

Room additions will allow your existing home to better meet your family’s needs as it grows. Some of the most common types of room additions are new family rooms, additional bathrooms, a home office or extra bedrooms. When you purchased your home, it may have fit your needs at that time, but things change as time goes by. Often older homes lack a master suite or it may be undersized and inadequate. A room addition can add a new master suite that is luxurious, large and expansive, complete with a master bath to die for! Finally, room additions are the perfect option for families that may be expecting another child and bedrooms or limited, or perhaps the time has come to offer room and board to aging parents and they need their own space.  Regardless the need, MCG can help in the planning, design and implementation that can add to your home and make it what you truly need.

Sunrooms and Porch Additions

Family space does not need to be added merely on the inside.  With modern building techniques, it is becoming more and more customary for homeowners to build sunrooms, three season rooms and four season rooms as well as porches, all to expand the living space of their home and incorporate the outdoors. You can get the best of those outdoors but have the comfort and convenience of the indoors. With the newer technology, sunrooms can be thermally insulated extensions of your home, providing the same comforts of indoor living. The best part, sunrooms and three season and four season rooms tend to be less expensive than other room additions and home expansions, making it an affordable alternative.

Top Rated Chester County Home Addition Contractors

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