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“MCG was spectacular to work with. They are knowledgable and detail oriented through each and every step of the building process. We love our house and highly recommend MCG.”

-Geoff H.

Quality Designs

Every custom home we build is designed to customer specifications and built to last. We only use the most premium materials available for both structural and finished aspects of the home and we will never sacrifice quality for cost. With MCG, you will simply love your new home.

Glamour and Style

We work to find the mix of both quality and affordability while finishing our custom homes with a glamorous look and feel. Our designers find a wonderful blend of modern and contemporary styles while also understanding which aspects of a home design will never go out of style.

Highly Rated & Experienced

As one of Chester County's top rated home builders, we pride ourselves on our client's endorsements, our custom high-end finishes, and our expert craftsmanship. We let our work speak for itself.

Taking The Stress Out Of Custom Home Building

There are so many options and choices when it comes to building your own home. We have developed a process that will help you choose the layout, key features and finishes without overly stressing you and your family.

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Custom Home Building Professionals

Let us build the dream home you've always wanted.

At MCG Contracting, building custom homes for our clients may be the single greatest satisfaction we can achieve. Renovating a room or even a home addition gives us great pleasure, however, there is nothing more pleasing than building a custom home for a client.  This tops the list each and every time. Our custom homes are all personalized for each client, and when making such a large investment, they come with a guarantee you can appreciate. Our custom home designers will start by exploring your needs and wants – layout of the home, types of rooms, positioning on the lot – and then they will produce design documents according to those specifications and review them with you. Once the basics are finalized, they’ll cover the finer items such as lighting and finishes. When they are complete, you’ll have wonderful renderings of your home and be able to see actual depictions of what your home will be.


“If it is quality mixed with beauty you are looking for, use these guys. Their prices were reasonable, but fair, they had unreal professionalism and communication, from start to well after the time we moved in. MCG really made it just the best experience EVER. I could not have imagined my home would be as beautiful as they made it.”

-Ryan B.

Custom Home Contractors With A Track Record Of Success

Building a custom home is an involved process. It is truly a major undertaking and takes a great deal of planning, time, and money. Having success hinges on advanced planning and an active homeowner throughout the process. There are a number of steps in the home building process starting with finding a location, defining the specifications, designing the home, and, of course, the construction of it. MCG has the expertise as a custom home contractor and the process that you can rely on to guide you through a successful custom home project. Our track record over the past decade speaks for itself, so give us a call today to learn more about the initial steps required to building your dream home.

Consultation Stage

Setting The Stage For Your Custom Home

Before you can even think about building your own, custom home, you need to find a location. Most likely you have worked with a real estate agent or you have a parcel of land that you may already own. Before you can start digging, the land needs to be zoned and approved by the township. MCG can assist with this process and help you to obtain the various requirements that your township may have. In addition, it will be critical to discuss the specifications for the home including the type of home you are looking to build, the layout, room alignment and other features, such as a garage, a deck or patio, or even a pool once constructed. 

Design & Start Date Stage

Designing Your Custom Home

All things need to be considered in the initial planning phase to prepare for the next stage – design. Once these specs have been defined, a formal design can be drawn up including blueprints and virtual renderings of the property, helping to bring your vision to life for the first time. During this important phase, we engage with the project’s architect and engineers, develop the necessary plans and documents that will be necessary for the custom home contractors to construct your home and for the township to approve permits and sign-off on the project. A the design phase comes to a finish, we finalize all pricing and the project timeline and we can set a start date. The start date may hinge on several factors including township approval timeframe, weather, and any financing that may be needed by the homeowner. Once these are determined, the date is set and the excitement can begin!

Work Stage

Construction Of Your New Home

This is the stage in which construction commences. During this portion of the process, if things have been done correctly and the needs and desires of the homeowner determined during the design phase, the construction process will take care of itself. A custom home can take a year on average to complete, but can also be completed in as little as 6 months or as much as 18 months depending on the complexity. The number one thing that we ask our clients to do is make decisions in the agreed upon timeframes. If those decisions can be done timely, then the project can stay on track.

As the construction phase wraps up, we will schedule a walk-through with you so that a move-in date can be set. During the walk-through, we will cover warranty information, generate a final to-do list, and cover any other aspects that are specific to your custom home project. When the move-in day arrives, we will be there, keys in hand to welcome you to your new dream home.

Custom home near Chester County, Pennsylvania

Our Home Builders Services

MCG offers a range of custom home contracting services. Ranging from full scale, custom homes built to spec to entire home remodeling, we can cover whatever custom home building needs you have. If you’re interested in learning more or have questions about our services, get in touch for more info and your FREE consultation!

Full-Scale Custom Home Builder Services

With an expert team of designers, architects, and talented craftsmen, MCG Contracting offers custom home contractor services that are unmatched in the area. From the initial steps of defining the home’s layout and structure to the design and architecture to the construction and finishing touches, we offer full-scale services through a network of trusted professionals. Over the course of a decade, we have compiled a team of experts who have a combined knowledge and skillset that cannot be matched. For this reason we can guarantee that you will get the custom home you’ve always wanted.

great room addition in a Chester County custom home

Full Home Renovations

Not all custom homes need to be built from the ground up. Often times, homeowners can find deals within real estate by purchasing a home that they chose to live in while they renovate it. They were able to secure a great purchase price on the home due to outdated finishes and failure to upkeep the home by the prior homeowner. MCG can work with you to help you re-design your home and develop a renovation plan to re-work it and make it come back to life complete with your own style and finishes. We can develop a plan that either has you living in the home as renovations are completed or one that moves you out while the work is done.  This may involve adding to the existing structure or merely renovating the current home, but either way, MCG has the expertise to make your home shine again.

Home Restoration Services

Sometimes natural disasters and accidents strike, but they do not mean that your home has to be lost. MCG can help to restore homes that have been damaged or destroyed by storms, fire, water and more. We can work with homeowners and within insurance budgets to help to restore and revitalize your home. We are experts in working with insurance companies to help provide estimates for restoration and have a network of professionals that can help with issues due to water damage, mold and failing structures. No job is too tough for us. In a time when your family may be struggling, we can help you understand that your home can be restored and, in most cases, a new custom home is the outcome. Contact us today if you have suffered damages and you need our help. We are only a phone call away.

Chester County's Home Builder Pros

The idea of building a custom home excites us more than any other project. Give us a today at 610-960-0122 so we can get started and find out more about your dream home!